The Metamorphosis: A Late Night Musing

I was up super late a few nights ago. It’s kind of become my norm while I have been unemployed. I wrote what is below as I was thinking about where I am now and where I have come from and where I went to go. The main thing is direction. I believe I have a direction for my next professional endeavor. The below was fun to mess around with. I tried to go a different route with how I normally write. I hope you enjoy:

Maybe I’ve just been in a big cocoon this whole time. It’s taken the last 3 ½ years to meta morph. Through this time I have experienced some serious pain. It hurts at times when you’re changing from one you to a whole new and improved you. You may not even recognize me! 

Now comes the time to break free of my protective shell. The shell that allowed me to grow and change until satisfied with where I was. Satisfied with what I have become. Man do my arms hurt. Wait a minute, these aren’t arms. Well hey, who knew, but they are…wings! And they need to be stretched! 

Off I fly. Wings flapping, they feel majestic as they carry me across the sky. “I know exactly where I must go and what I must do”, I thought to myself. It made me smile. It’s good to smile. It’s good to have direction again. On I flew, until I became a dot in the distance. 

It’s really cool when purpose decides to make a house call and comes knocking on your gourd.

Nursing. My plan is to get back into nursing (unless a “too good to be true” other gig comes up). I was good at it and I plan on being good at it again. The community deserves that out of me and I’m ready to help out. I’m ready to dust off my skills and get back to what I truly love to do and have greatly missed. It really is calling me.

I got this. You got this. We got this. Let’s keep walking this journey together.

Have a great day!


Come on by and check out We have so much on there and we are always adding more content. It is a place for you to share. It’s a place to share your creativity. It is a place for others to go to and find people just like them who are dealing with similar things and have expressed themselves through some type of creative style. All are welcome to hang out and check out what we have and you are always invited to share anything you are doing.

Published by Jason Kehl

Nurse, artist, musician. One I have done professionally and two I have not😉. I enjoy creating art and music as a hobby. I do it mostly because it helps me to feel better or express something that I feel inside. I am a believer in Mental Health Awareness. My goal is to throw myself out there in hopes that someone sees it and can gain the strength to seek help or keep working on themselves. We are an unfinished product! That's OK!

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