Recalibrating Ourselves

There are tools we use in our lives which need to be recalibrated from time to time. These are the really real tools you would use around the house or for a job you work. Typically these tools aid in measurement or leveling. I know the app on my phone, which is a level I use with my camper, needs to be calibrated and can be recalibrated if you want to. We use devices which electronically measure something. These tools need to be calibrated and also recalibrated. Take an electronic meter for example. It is a great tool for finding if there is an electrical current or not to an area of need. They also can measure the level of the electricity being carried to a particular device and if the level of energy is sufficient to safely run the device. I see this a lot in my field of medical device sales.

Some of our products plug into a console of sorts to power the device. The bio-med folks in the basement of your local hospital are the ones who use these types of meters to ensure the hospitals equipment is working right and is safe for use in patient care areas. When we bring equipment into play around people who are depending on said piece of equipment for medical care, it is important to know the piece of equipment will work and also not harm the patient or staff. This is obviously an important role within the day to day function of your local hospital.

What if the tool they are using wasn’t working properly. It hadn’t been checked in some time. You didn’t know it wasn’t working properly, because for some reason, your hospital doesn’t have a policy in place for maintaining every bit of equipment under its roof. You then use the meter to gauge the safety of using whatever piece of equipment you are testing. The meter reads that everything is normal. We trust that the meter is right so we return the piece of equipment into service. Someone gets hurt due to the fact the meter gave a false normal reading.

Don’t worry, your local hospital has policies in place for the equipment it utilizes whether it is patient care equipment or the equipment used to check the safety of the patient care equipment. Part of the policy is recalibrating these pieces of equipment that measure energy or whatever you are measuring. These checks are in place to maintain patient and staff safety. You may think something is OK, but from time to time it needs to be recalibrated to insure everything is working as it should.

Sometimes we are just cruising along. We feel good. We have been having a good run at life. It really feels good. Nothing is really bothering you, per se, but in the back of your mind you have the sense that something is a little off. Nothing bad really, but something just feels off. It isn’t anything for which you need to derail the train for or even pull off of your path, but you feel like something maybe needs a little tweaking to maintain this good course.

This has been me lately. I’ve been feeling pretty good. My medication rebellion is behind me and I’m still on the path I have accepted. I still have some moments where I don’t feel awesome and I know these moments are a fact of life. No matter what we do for ourselves, we will still have days and moments where we just aren’t feeling it. These moments have been much less for me, but I am human and human stuff happens.

I have to admit. The feeling I have had related to the feeling of needing to recalibrate, stems some from all I have been doing lately for my mission to spread mental health awareness.

Jason Kehl’s Basement Of Jams: Rocking Mental Health (, which is what encompasses all that I am doing to add my two cents into the mental health arena, has grown. I write the blog and I have been doing a podcast all for about 5 or 6 months now. It all really started with me creating and recording my own songs (rock-ish instrumentals) and has evolved from there. I now have been messing around with some short videos to help spread my message of: It Is OK To Not Be OK and It Is OK To Ask For Help.

I have really enjoyed every bit of this. I have really enjoyed the challenge it provides me creatively. I enjoy writing and talking about my story. I say enjoy as I am fully committed in telling my story and throwing it out there in hopes that my experiences can help someone with their own battles.

All of these creative forms of expression take time to create and make. The process is awesome, as each area is done differently, so the creation part is far from monotonous. This is great for keeping my motivation to do this very high. I do have to mix this time in with the rest of my life. My home life and my work life.

I do believe I am finding a good balance between all aspects of my life and how my mental health mission fits in to all of this. I must admit some aspects had been becoming almost a deadline driven type of a feeling. This is in relation to my mental health advocacy side of my life. My fear was if I’m having this type of a feeling, as I am creating sometimes 3-4 different things at once, am I going to lose focus? Is what I put out not going to be worthy of putting out? Am I starting to go through the motions?

I do not get paid to do any of this. I do all of this because I truly want to do all of this. I do not want people to have to get to the level of darkness that I got to before asking for help. I came out of the hospital on fire and this thought was a big driver of this fire I had. It took me some time to start doing it, but the time allowed me to plan what I wanted to do. It has now gone places I never thought it would go. Honestly, I never even wrote anything for fun before all of this.

So, even though I have been happy with everything I am doing, I felt like I could use a bit of recalibration. I am happy with the website. I am happy with my job. I am happy with my life. But, somethings I was doing started to have that deadline feeling and this prompted me to step back and take a look at things. The recalibration had begun.

I have taken a couple of weeks off from writing my blog. I have also taken a couple of weeks off from the podcast. I feel these were the two areas where I felt that deadline-feeling and I wanted to get rid of this feeling. I love to do these two things and I do not and will not let something stand in the way of the motivation I have to do these things. This whole endeavor is not about deadlines. It is about putting out a piece of work I believe in and can stand behind.

I have been going along so well as of late and I feel the recalibration would be what I needed to do to maintain my course. So I took a break from a couple of things. I didn’t stop working on everything. It has let me fully focus on the video messaging side more. This has been a fun addition to The Basement Of Jams. I was able to tweak myself and not feel like any of this is a chore, but it is still the enjoyable thing it originally was and is meant to be.

And now I am back full force. I may not write a blog or record a podcast every week, but the recalibration period has allowed me to accept this thought as an OK thought. It is OK to not produce these things as regularly as I have before. Now don’t get me wrong, it may all still get released as it did before as I have trouble shutting things off when they are flowing, but I know now that whatever I decide is OK. I remain fully committed to this and in some ways I think my commitment level has grown after allowing myself some time off from some of it.

I do all of this for you, but I also do it for my own growth and for traveling my own path. Recalibration isn’t necessarily a full on re-set, but it helps to ensure the machine functions and functions in a safe manner.

None of what we should be doing in our lives and for our lives should be considered unsafe. We are trying to get rid of and change the unsafe aspects of our lives in order to improve our mental health and wellbeing, which in turn improves our lives. We need to recalibrate our life measuring tools from time to time so we don’t get false normal readings when there is really something we need to look at further. If something feels off, follow your gut. Follow your instincts. If something feels off, then most likely, something is off.

What feels off isn’t necessarily something bad, but what feels off doesn’t need to escalate to a level to where it promotes something bad to creep back into our lives. Recalibrate your tools. Then use these tools of measurement to look at everything in your life. If the reading shows you need to step away from something for a while in order to keep the train moving down the tracks, then step away from it for a while. These things we are stepping away from can be some of the best aspects of our lives, and the stepping away and recalibrating what we need to, can help to ensure these aspects of our lives remain a strong point for us to draw from.

I have to say…I think life gives us little hints and nudges every now and again about what we need to do for ourselves. I will admit I miss these nudges sometimes. I can be guilty of letting things fly right by me and not even notice what the real message is. None of all we are doing is a perfect solution, but the solutions we are trying to put into place will help us to get to where we want to get too in our lives.

Life is beautiful. This life is precious. We get one chance at this, so let’s keep doing what we need to do to get ourselves living the best lives we can foresee ourselves living. Maintain your course. Use your tools to measure where you are at and measure the methods you are using. After doing so, keep going or make the necessary recalibrations and continue moving forward.

We got this! We really do! If you are not feeling well and your mind is confusing your every step, please ask for help. You do not need to continue suffering. There is help out there. You are not alone. You really are not alone in this. Draw on the strength of others around you who have been down the dark road and are now walking the path to a better life and better mental health. These folks know a thing or two and would love to listen to you and they want to help you. Ask for help and you may be surprised how not alone you really are. I believe we are all stronger together!

You got this! I got this! We got this! Let’s keep walking this journey together.

Have a great day!


Please visit: Jason Kehl’s Basement Of Jams: Rocking Mental Health

A website I created to further my mission to spread mental health awareness. There you will find this blog and a podcast I do, along with some other creative expression works I have done all in the name of mental health. It Is OK, To Not Be OK. We can do this together.

Also, please feel free to venture over to Facebook. I started a group over there where we can all be lifted up and share with others who are dealing with a lot of the same things. It is a very chill group and all are welcome!

Published by Jason Kehl

Nurse, artist, musician. One I have done professionally and two I have not😉. I enjoy creating art and music as a hobby. I do it mostly because it helps me to feel better or express something that I feel inside. I am a believer in Mental Health Awareness. My goal is to throw myself out there in hopes that someone sees it and can gain the strength to seek help or keep working on themselves. We are an unfinished product! That's OK!

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